• Growth promotion, prevention of stress, Improvement in performance – Egg production & weight gain and general health improvement.
  • CTC when combined with Tiamulin shows on increased spectrum of activity against a wide variety
    of G+ & G- bacteria & Mycoplasma. The combination can be used for maximum benefit to the former.
  • Broad spectrum activity, effective action against Fowl Cholera, CRD, non specific diarrhoea and secondary bacterial infections.
  • Granulation ensures that the medicine is evenly distributed throughout the premix & finally in the feed.
  • Granulation increases the stability of feed at normal room temperature, both in mash and pellets.
  • Free flowing characteristics make it homogeneous and prevents dusting and caking problems.
  • Fast absorption and quick results and longer stay at the site of infection.
  • Improves growth & increases profits.


Composition : A granulated free flowing animal feed supplement. Each kg contains 150gms of CTC.