• Increases phosphorous availability in diet and enhances growth.
  • Proven superior Bio-efficacy.
  • The Enzyme pelleted with base has very high stability and can directly be mixed in feed.
  • Helps in Phytate conversion leading to proper absorption of Vitamins and minerals in animals Controls pollution by reducing phosphorous excretion.



  • Phosphorus is an essential nutrient in livestock diets. It affects growth, reproduction and feed use. Much of the naturally occurring phosphorus in feed ingredients is unavailable to animals with, most plant phosphorus being excreted undigested.
  • Inorganic phosphate has to be added to diets to compensate.Increasing phytic acid degradation and the availability of plant phosphorus can have major benefits for poultry and swine producers,
  • including:Lower levels of inorganic phosphorus in diets
  • Reduced feed costs
  • Better sustainability of animal production
  • Phytate is a compound found in many common feed ingredients that decreases nutrient availability in animal diets. The main anti-nutritional effect of phytate is that, it makes phytate phosphorus unavailable for digestion and absorption by nonruminants such as swine and poultry.
  • Phytate also has negative effects on digestive enzymes, trace
    minerals, calcium, protein and amino acids, and carbohydrates.