• Contains Specially developed fermented koji and class I active peptides which enhance the protein metabolism and reduce the Ammonia formation.
  • Contains highly performed and ecofriendly strains which neutralize endotoxins And kills initial stage pathogens in chicks.
  • Specially designed and challenging probiotic formulation always compete with pathogenic microbes like E.coli, salmonella, sachigella, Enteritidis, Clostridium perfringens for space in gut, prevent colonization and finally eliminates the pathogenic microbes from gut.
  • Enhance assimilation of absorbed nutrients. Enhance immunity, Enhance muscle cell metabolisms in broilers, Prevents biofilm formations, Enhance performance, water and mineral metabolism.
  • Controls colour diarrohea, watery diarrohea. Long shelf life, because the formulation make up to the concentration suffircient to propagate probiotic strains for their guarantied potency, viability, stable performance and long action at different environmental conditions, humidity which are not extreemed.
  • Effective action and suitable for both in broiler and layer metabolic cycles.


(Newly improved Probiotics with Prebiotics)
Highly concentrated, stable and proprietary blend of special, lyophilized, antibiotic resistant probiotic strains. Contains standard probiotic strains which secrets desired lactic acid and organic acids which acts as acidifiers for gut and also secretes B vitamins and bacitracins.